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Dancing With The Stars

Shannen Doherty Goes Webby

You might not remember this, but Shannen Doherty was on this past season of Dancing with the Stars. We know! We totally forgot too.

The kinda-reformed bad girl was voted off first among the show's contestants and didn't speak too highly of the fans or the process following her ouster. But she's back again, with a new (and hopefully viral) web series in tow. Shannen is voicing the two main leads for's Mari and Kari, a referential horror series that borrows heavily from Japanese anime. So what does a big star like Shannen like about working online?
"I think it's an interesting way to view content. It doesn't cost a lot of money and you don't have to go through [red tape] to get your projects out there. I think before there was a stigma about doing things online and people were maybe [hesitant] about it, but it's really come into its own the past few years. It's definitely the future." It sure is! But there are some other benefits too, right?

"There's no hair and makeup time!" she says. "I'm notorious for [getting] annoyed and impatient in a makeup chair. ... It was amazing going in and working for a day, doing eight episodes in a day, and having no hair and makeup time. I went in jeans and T-shirt. I was thrilled about it!"
Source: TV Guide

06.3.2010 / 09:50 PM EDT by Chris
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