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Pretty Little Liars

Meet and Greet the Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars hasn't even premiered yet, and it's already a hit! Just check out the crowds for the PLL meet and greet last Saturday at the Grove in Los Angeles with the stars of the show and Sara Shepard, the author of the PLL books the show is based on. Sara read excerpts from Wanted, the final book in the PLL series, which comes out tomorrow. That's the same day of the series premiere. It's a Pretty Little Liars bonanza!

We learned some juicy gossip during the event, such as:


- Sara just read a few paragraphs from the eighth and final book in the series, Wanted. As expected from a PLL book, it's a real page-turner that's full of crazy plot twists and turns.

- Sara said she couldn't be happier with the cast, even though she knows they don't look exactly like the character descriptions in the book.

- Sara talked about the fact that she would love to write more PLL books. We wholeheartedly support that statement!
A fan asked if each girl auditioned for their character, and here's what they shared:

  • Ashley auditioned for Hanna
  • Shay auditioned for Spencer and Emily
  • Troian auditioned for Spencer
  • Lucy auditioned for Aria and Hanna
- The girls have read all of the books and can't wait to read Wanted to find out what happens to their characters.

    BTW, we love the pretty summery frocks and fierce shoes the girls are sporting, but what is up with those clunky old boots that are hiding Troian's gams?

    Source: ABC Family