Shelby Adopts Baby Beth: Yay or Nay?

We can't say it was all that surprising to see Idina Menzel's Shelby Corcoran adopt Quinn's brand new baby girl at the end of the Glee season finale last night. After all, the show had been telegraphing that for a while; what with all of Shelby's, "I blew my chance with Rachel and I want to try again" rationalizing and teeth-gnashing.

But: Did the moment work? Not according to Korbi Ghosh over at Zap2it! She found the entire Shelby-gets-Baby-Beth plot twist completely annoying and awful. And she's got a point: Were us Gleeks supposed to feel good about Shelby getting Beth when she so cruelly cast Rachel to the side? It's not like Rachel is 30! She's supposed to be 16 (never mind that Lea Michele looks and is 23). She needs a mom and Shelby should have been that mom. Idina Menzel's Broadway commitments notwithstanding.

Anyway, what say you? Was Shelby's adoption totally cool or did it make you squirm? Comment away!

Source: Zap2it

06.9.2010 / 09:49 PM EDT by Chris
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