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Pretty Little Liars

21 Things You Didn’t Know About Shay Mitchell

Curious about the chica who plays hetero-flexible Emily Fields on PLL? We've got 21 little-known facts on Shay Mitchell. Between this and our other 10 tidbits piece on the actress, consider yourself edjumacated on all things Shay.

21) What's on Shay's ipod?
The actress mixes it up with guided meditation music and some bootylicious Beyoncé jams. Talk about a diverse taste of music!

20) What would Shay bring to a deserted island?
She's not going anywhere without her mama (adorable), water (practical), or her iPod (so she can meditate?).

19) First job?
Shay got her her start working at a Canadian clothing store.

18) First concert?

Hellooooo '90s! Shay and four of her best friends attended a Spice Girls concert. Naturally, they dressed up as the girl group with Shay going as Posh! Hah!
17) Celebrity crush?
She's got a thing for Paul Walker. Don't we all?

16) First Car?
Nobody forgets their first car and Shay's no exception. She drove a VW convertible bug. Yup, we're jealous.

15) Favorite movie?
She hearts Selena with the one and only, J. Lo.

14) Favorite show?
She went with the classic I love Lucy. And, yes, we love Lucy, too.

13) How old was Shay when she had her first kiss?
Shay was 13 and it was during a game of spin-the-bottle. Awwww!

12) Dream dinner date?
Shay opted for the lovely Marilyn Monroe. Maybe she's hoping to hear all the blonde bombshell's pretty little secrets?

11) What's Shay's most embarrassing moment?

Back in her modeling days, she accidentally exposed her boobies to an entire camera crew during a photo shoot. Oops!

10) Last book read by Shay?
Shay just finished reading the travel guide Lonely Planet: Italy. Maybe she's prepping for a European vacay?

9) Any hidden talents?

OMG, she's double-jointed!

8) Hamburger or Hot Dog?

Hot dog!

7) Blondes or brunettes?
Brunette. Duh, just look at her!

6) Vanilla or chocolate?

5) Christina or Britney?
She must love her old school "Hit Me Baby One More Time" cuts because she's on team Brit.

4) Cats or Dogs?
Shay hearts dogs.

3) Mustard or Ketchup?

Evidently, Shay can't get enough of the red sauce.

2) NYC or L.A.?

Overall, this girl's loves them both but hearts Europe the most.

1) Jonas brothers or Justin Bieber?
Shay can't seem to make up her mind between Bieber or the JoBros. Sorry sweetie, but we'd choose neither.

Source: AlloyTV

06.12.2010 / 05:35 AM EDT by Marcela
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