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OMGlee? Twilight and Glee Together At Last?

You love Glee. You love Twilight (okay, maybe you do). And up until now, your two true loves have been separated by the pop culture landscape and the fact that vampires probably don't exist in the halls of McKinley High School (good thing too, right Principal Figgins?). But that might be all about to change!

Michael Welch, who stars as one of Bella's human best friends in the Twilight movies, is on board for some cross-pollination. "There probably is, I would imagine, quite a bit of Glee-Twilight crossover with the fans, so I think that would be great." Oh, you ain't kidding, Michael!

"We have tons of musicians in the Twilight cast," he told E!. "I think we all know Rob is a singer and a songwriter and a piano player and a guitar player, but so is Anna Kendrick. I'm a drummer; Jackson Rathbone is in a band...It might be kind of fun to do a little crossover there. I'll talk to Heather about it, and see what she says." Heather is Heather Morris (Brittany!), who will be appearing with Michael at the Nationwide Young Playwrights Festival this summer.

This could maybe happen, Gleeks! Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to imagine Rachel and Jacob getting frisky!

Source: E! Online

06.14.2010 / 11:55 PM EDT by Chris
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