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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Tweet Treats: Chris Harrison Hypes “Best Episode by Far”

Just like the rest of us, past and present cast members of The Bachelorette love sending out tweets from their Crackberries. Between relationship drama, show scandals, and being reality TV stars (whatever that means), they still manage to squeeze in primo Twitter time. Here are a few of their sweetest tweets:

Jsinsak (Jesse Csincsak): For all the Never Told Behind the Scenes Details Log onto Jesse Tonight 10:30 MST to see my Blog about the Bachelorette #6 Ali F. Who knows how Jesse's finding his way behind the scenes this season, but, hey, the man knows his Bachelorettes.

DeAnnaPappas (DeAnna Pappas): I don't have time for the hatred & negative people out exhausting."DeYawna" come on......doesn't hurt my feelings one bit! If DeAnna's tweeting about it, we suspect it did hurt her feelings. But, seriously, DeYawna? Someone needs to work on their insults.

chrisbharris (Chris Harrison): Happy Monday!! Best episode by far tonight and it only gets better from here...wait I meant more dramatic-er! Whether it's a word or not, we like the sound of "dramatic-er." A lot.

MelissaRycroft (Melissa Rycroft): Off to shoot, then off to bed...then early call in the morning. GNight! Bachelor Pad (with co-host Melissa Rycroft) premieres August 9. We can't wait!

06.15.2010 / 05:42 AM EDT by Tatum
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