Pretty Little Liars

O(MG) Face: Spencer Gets Caught Off Guard

It's written all over her face: buttoned-up overachiever Spencer Hastings believes some things are just better left unsaid. So in this clip from tonight's episode, when Maya St. Germain introduces herself as "the new girl who moved into the dead girl's house," Spencer looks (understandably) squeamish. But Spence, maybe laying it all out on the line is the way to go — how well has secrecy really worked out for you? By our count, it's earned you a mysterious text-bully, a jealous and embittered sister, and one dead bestie. We know getting real means you'd have to quit cavorting with your sister's fiancé, but c'mon — there are more hot British doctors in the sea, right?

06.15.2010 / 11:37 PM EDT by Sam Lansky
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