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Pretty Little Liars

Relationship Recap for the Series Premiere

The best part about Pretty Little Liars is seeing the girls hook up with people who you know they shouldn't! Though we love the scandaliciousness of it all, we've noticed that all of this bed-hopping can be really tough to keep track of. With that in mind, we're providing a rundown of which couples are headed for a lifetime of happiness, and which couples will soon be unfriending each other on Facebook! Let the gossip begin!

Aria and Ezra

What happened this week: Aria makes out with Ezra, a guy she meets in a bar who's becoming a teacher... um, a teacher at her school, that is. When Aria discovers that she's in Ezra's class, they try to put their feelings aside, but then they realize that making out is actually a lot more fun than not making out! Looks like she won't be getting any bad grades in that class!

Where they're headed: This relationship looks to keep getting hotter. That is, at least until To Catch a Predator pays Ezra a visit!

Emily and Maya

What happened this week: Emily helps carry some of Maya's things into her house as she moves in, and then they share a joint. Later, they share a kiss on the cheek. Talk about making the new girl in town feel welcome!

Where they're headed: We're thinking that the kiss on the cheek was just the tip of the iceberg! But let's hope that they don't escalate the severity of their drug choices as well. Sharing a joint is what happens when your parents are gone for the day and you're sticking it to the man. Sharing a syringe full of heroin, on the other hand, is what happens when you've made a string of questionable life decisions, you're living by the railroad tracks, and everyone just refers to you as "That Girl Who Always Bites People."

Spencer and Wren

What happened this week: Wren is the live-in boyfriend of Spencer's sister Melissa and — the great guy that he is — certainly seems very interested in getting to know Melissa's family, Spencer included. Whatta guy! He just happens to walk in on Spencer in a two-piece, and then just happens to be a professional masseur or something when Spencer says that she's "sore." Uh-huh. At the rate Wren is going, he may single-handedly put the massaging-armchair industry out of business.

Where they're headed: Apparently, this isn't the first time Spencer has swooped in on Melissa's men. So we're expecting things to continue heat up between Wren and Spencer. (Shoot, Spence ain't gonna be winning any Sister of the Year awards any time soon.) Let's just say that Spencer and Melissa aren't quite as tight as the two sisters in The Parent Trap or anything.

06.15.2010 / 11:01 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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