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The Bachelorette

Who the Heck is Chris N.?

Don't get too excited, but we may have found Bigfoot. He's skulking around in the background of The Bachelorette Season 6 — occasionally giving startled glances to the cameras until magically finding himself with a rose on his lapel and retreating back into the symbolic bushes. Apparently his official name is Chris Nordhorn, a.k.a. Chris N., a.k.a. The Loch Ness Monster, a.k.a. Who The Heck Is That Guy And Why Is He Still Here?

We've just finished week four on Ali Fedotowsky's season of The Bachelorette. There are only nine men left out of the original 25. Shooter is gone. Craig M. is gone. Hunter is gone. The Weatherman is (finally) dunzo. Peculiar Jesse and his fantastic pecs were just sent back into the wild, for reasons unknown and unaccepted. And yet Chris N. is still around. It's arguable no one in the history of the show has come so far with so little camera time.

Can you name one fact about him, unprompted by Internet searches? We can't. So we looked him up to see if anything jumped out of his bio and said "This is why she's keeping me!" Chris N., 29, is originally from Winter Park, Florida, and currently lives in Orlando. According to Poptower, Chris enjoys soccer, surfing, wakeboarding, golf, fishing, and video games. If he were going to a deserted island, he would bring a mixed bag of fruit veggie seeds, a water purifier, and his future wife. Chris considers his biggest achievement to date to be starting his own company from scratch. To impress a date, Chris would listen to what she wants — he likes giving surprises gifts that mean something. He has no tattoos.

In short, he's one of the most generic and forgettable bachelors of all time. If this were Survivor — and Justin "Rated-R" Rego is playing like it is — he would be the guy who coasts to the end because everyone simply forgot he was there. This week we remembered he was around when he spoke three or four words to Justin that sort of seemed to be in Kasey's defense. Then he got a rose. Again. Without going on a date or seeming to speak to Ali at all.

We're not knocking Bigfoot. He's a good-looking guy with great abs, as the Barenaked Ladies video showed last week. He must have many other great qualities and we're sure Ali discovered them in scenes the producers had to cut for time. It would just be nice to actually meet the guy before Ali either dumps or marries him!

06.15.2010 / 10:40 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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