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The Bachelorette

Jesse Csincsak Dishes on the Bachelorette Casting Process

We're not sure why 2008 Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak is suddenly spilling all sorts of secrets about The Bachelorette, but we're sure glad he is! Jesse tells everything you ever wanted to know about the casting process for the bachelors on The Bachelorette. The short of it: Basically, it's like trying to get a job with the government. But with shots!

Jesse says that finalists are flown to Los Angeles based on their audition tapes. Once there, they get a questionnaire shoved under their door that asks questions like "Do you love your mother?" (Answer, always: Yes.) After that, finalists are brought into the green room where they do some shots (Jäger, perhaps?) to loosen themselves up before being interviewed by eight (!) producers. Then there's the standard blood and urine test to check for STDs and drugs and a psychologist interviews each contestant. Wait, they have shots and then they take a urine test? Okay. And the fact that they're interviewed by a psychologist makes us wonder: How the heck did Kasey make it through?

After that, the finalists are flown home, told to buy three different suits (Jesse Beck must have missed that memo), and wait for the call. Once it comes, it's back to Los Angeles for the first night of shooting. But wait! Before that happens, another round of interviews occur and two more guys are sent packing. If only this was televised! Jesse says the first night of shooting begins right after that, usually at 8 p.m., and lasts until 5 a.m. the next morning. That's when the bachelorette votes off the 12 guys she isn't interested in at all and they're all brought to the mansion.

Another bit of great information that Jesse let spill: The bachelorette gives the producers the four guys she thinks will make it to the finals! After that, contracts are signed. Says Jesse: "If we get married,” Jesse says, “they practically own us!"


06.16.2010 / 03:05 AM EDT by Chris
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