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SideReel’s 10 Will Schuester Performances That Make Them Hot For Teacher

I guess we’re not the only ones who are hot for teacher! Evidently, is too, because they’ve put together a list of Mr. Schuester’s top 10 performances from this season of Glee — and we’re digging it! Check them out below. Now, if only the Glee producers would let Matthew Morrison show off those famous abs on the show!

10 Will Schuester Performances That Make Us Hot For Teacher!

1. Gold Digger

In Showmance, Mr. Schuester gives the Glee kids the kind of music they want to perform! I don't know if it was due to the shock of Will's uncanny ability to rap or the relief that he had finally given up trying to make the kids perform "Le Freak," but this goes down as one of his epic early performances!

2. Alone

While the season's guest star performances have had their ups and downs, Kristin Chenoweth kicked off the cameos on a high note. In The Rhodes Not Taken, she performs a stellar duet with Mr. Schue, proving they have great performance chemistry both on-screen and on the soundtrack!

3. Bust A Move

Like with "Gold Digger," Will continues to show he's hiding some hip hop flavor despite his buttoned-up appearance in Mash-Up. This time around, he even has the breakdancing moves to back it up!

4. Endless Love

Personality-wise, Mr. Schuester and Rachel Berry probably would have made a nightmarish couple (not to mention a wholly inappropriate one). But vocally, they make sweet, sweet music together as they show the rest of New Directions how it's done in Ballad.

5. Don't Stand So Close To Me / Young Girl

It was only a matter of time before he had to set the record straight and tell love-struck Rachel Berry to back off. He can't expect to look that good and sing that well and not have the underage ladies all over him! Unfortunately, it seemed to have the reverse effect -- both on Rachel and his fans!

6. Thong Song

If you thought Thong Song was the least romantic song ever, think again. Will Schuester makes Sisqo's disastrous hit into a song worth swooning over in Mash-Up. Emma certainly did.

7. What It Feels Like For A Girl

He can get down and dirty while singing about thongs, but he has a sensitive side too, of course! I loved the guys' take on Madonna's for-the-ladies anthem, especially with Mr. Schue taking the lead.

8. Fire

Leave it to Will & the spring season's return of April Rhodes to freshen up Bruce Springsteen's 80s hit "Fire" in the otherwise slightly disappointing episode Home. It was so cutesie, it almost made us forget how mad we were that he messed things up with Emma! Almost.

9. Dream On

Aside from having some rather unexpected rapping skills, Will's got the chops to hit some serious high notes to boot. That's a tough song to sing, and he definitely held his own with guest star Neil Patrick Harris in Dream On.

10. Tell Me Something Good

In Funk, Sue Sylvester may have done an admirable job at hiding her interest when Will attempted to seduce her, but I was much less successful at keeping my cool. I mean... not many people can move their rear like that. That is some serious talent right there, my friend.

06.18.2010 / 05:25 AM EDT by Chris
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