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Dancing With The Stars

Have Jake and Vienna Been Faking It All Along?

The crackerjack investigators at Entertainment Weekly sense that the timing is off in the whole the Jake/Vienna romance (and now, breakup) timeline. As Star magazine reports this week, a source claims that Jake and Vienna "haven't even been a real couple for a while," adding, "They've been pretty much playing it up in front of the cameras that they're together because they both want to be famous, and it's good for their reputations and the reputation of the show [The Bachelor]."

Entertainment Weekly
posits that the fact that Vienna called up Star for the breakup scoop before she even told Jake about it also adds to suspicions that the whole romance (and thus, breakup) was a sham from the get-go. "It seems as if they wanted to prove to the world they were really in love (which most Bachelor viewers never saw coming) — and then reap the rewards (read: press) of a very public breakup," says the mag. And with several magazine covers, countless news stories, and covetable television news coverage, it looks like their plan is working beautifully.

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06.25.2010 / 02:13 AM EDT by Liz Hardy
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