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Pretty Little Liars

6-25: You Ask, We Answer

So many mysteries, so little time! We tackled some of the biggest Pretty Little Liars fan questions out there and answered them just for you. Take a moment to check out our answers, then add some of your own questions (or answers!) in the comments section below. But be warned: juicy spoilers ahead!

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Q: Can you tell me where I can get those long feather earrings that Aria is wearing while she's eating lunch with her dad?

A: We loved them, too! They’re from Una Mae’s, a clothing boutique that carries vintage and new styles in L.A.’s Los Feliz neighborhood. Aria has proven that she certainly knows a thing or two about funky, eye-catching accessories. Let’s just hope that she doesn’t get carried away and start wearing other, less socially acceptable animal body parts as earrings.

Q: Why did Jenna's bro save Emily in the locker room? Does he like her?!

A: Brace yourselves, Tobily fans! The Toby-Emily storyline is going to keep heating up. (Sorry — we wish we could be there to throw an arm around your shoulder and cheer you up, Benmily fans!) Toby and Emily start to get flirty, and an upcoming episode involving the two of them together at the Homecoming Dance (!) will end with Emily getting rushed to the hospital! Then again, people always seem to be getting rushed to the hospital when Toby’s around...

Q: Is Jenna the one sending the girls the creepy texts?

A: Don’t worry — we’re not going to spoil who “A” is just yet! But we can say that next week’s episode will see the girls attempt to avoid “A” by blocking all unknown messages, only to have “A” retaliate by writing an especially threatening message to them... in lipstick! We’re thinking that “A” must do all her makeup-scrawling in a generic brand of lipstick. The price of cosmetics these days can really add up!

And prepare yourself for the episode that’s coming three weeks from now, when Hanna steals a file (from the office where she’s working) that contains juicy info about Jenna! We know what you’re thinking, and we’re shocked, too: who thought that Hanna could ever land a job?!

06.26.2010 / 01:22 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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