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The Bachelorette

Did Ty Brown Cheat on His Wife?

Come on! We want at least one guy on this season of The Bachelorette to be legit.

In Turkey, Ty Brown helps restore Ali Fedotowsky's faith in men after her betrayal by Justin Rego. She asks him again about his previous marriage. On Episode 2, Ty had told Ali, "I was only married for a little over two years. And I was not perfect, I’ll be the first to admit. You have to give and take and if somebody doesn’t realize that going into the whole thing it can be extremely tough. But, I learned so much about myself, and I hope this next time around I think that I have learned enough life lessons that I can be a great husband. And I love being married, I really do."

During the Episode 6 date in Turkey, Ty tells Ali that he was the one who offered the divorce papers. He said there wasn't one incident that ended the marriage. It was a build-up, including some expectations on his end that weren't there. His mom stayed at home while the kids were at school and his father worked; that's what he was used to and he was expecting something along the same lines from his own marriage. His ex-wife did work and that was part of the problem. He struggled with that and was closed off to the idea. But, after realizing he doesn't live in a box, he changed as a person.

Well, Starcasm did some investigating. Turns out, Ty's ex-wife, Lindsey Grant, is also a musician — she's a successful singer-songwriter and was the first act signed to Keith Follese and Brad Allen’s Midas Records of Nashville. So it's possible her success may have had an impact on Ty. (And maybe it prompted him to bring his guitar on the show to find his own fame, a la Wes Hayden?) According to Starcasm, the couple filed for divorce in December 2009 and it became official January 12 of this year. Within a few months, Ty was slated to be a contestant on The Bachelorette.

The big bomshell? Lindsey spoke to Starcasm and offered a very different picture of their marriage. "Contrary to what Ty has indicated publicly, our marriage did not end on amicable terms. I learned that my husband had been untruthful to me. I hope Ty is being true to himself when he says he is a changed person. I have moved on and I wish the same for him." Whoa! So Ty cheated on her?! A source close to Lindsey says Ty did in fact cheat, but Lindsey wouldn’t confirm that.

Starcasm says the paperwork from the couple’s divorce appears to back Lindsey’s side of the story, as Ty got stuck with all the court fees as well as paying for Lindsey’s attorney. In addition, Ty had to pay $17,500 as part of the couple’s division of their marital estate and $10,000+ in alimony over the next 12 months.

Ty, whatever the truth is, we're thinking if your divorce was just finalized in January it may be too soon to be looking for the next Mrs. Brown. Just sayin'.

Source: Starcasm

06.29.2010 / 11:33 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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