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Pretty Little Liars

Is Pretty Little Liars Too Sexy?

Teachers. Girls. Sisters’ boyfriends. Are the romances of Pretty Little Liars totally inappropriate?

That’s what Buzz Sugar asked their commenters this week, who basically answered with a resounding “Yes.” A few choice comments:
  • "I'm kinda creeped out by the relationships between the cop + Hanna's mom, Aria + Ezra, and Spencer + Wren . . . first pairing is just gross because the cop is really pervy. Ezra & Wren are hott but seriously — making out with 16 yo girls?? Am I just getting old or does the age difference make it just not right?" — flowergirl
  • "I'm no prude, but this show was waaaay trashy. Everything was about sex in the creepiest way possible (from the parents to the students and teachers). These girls are supposed to be 16! Too bad, because I thought the show was fun otherwise." — ameliajc
Fair points, but we’re not entirely sure that we agree. Yes, the show’s trashy — but isn’t that the point? Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer aren’t role models: they’re sleazy good fun! And personally, we think smooching teachers and brother-in-laws is no big deal compared to an elaborate cover-up after blinding a classmate!

Source: Buzz Sugar

06.29.2010 / 12:37 AM EDT by Melinda
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