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Pretty Little Liars

You Ask, We Answer: Hanna’s Dress Edition

So many mysteries, so little time! We tackled some of the biggest Pretty Little Liars fan questions out there and answered them just for you. Take a moment to check out our answers, then add some of your own questions (or answers!) in the comments section below. But be warned: juicy spoilers ahead!

Q: What about the blue & white dress Hanna wears — where can I find that? Fabulous!

A: Don’t worry! We know just where to get the look that you can use to impress those special people in your life, as Hanna does for her absentee dad. Hanna’s dress is by Remain, the belt is Urban Outfitters, and the shoes are Steven. It’s the perfect outfit to get you in the mood to start trash-talking your step-sister-to-be!

Q: What's the theme song called? I really like it :)

A: It’s a song called “Secret,” by the New York-based band The Pierces. The two primary members are sisters Catherine and Allison Pierce, who grew up in Alabama in a family of seven. The band performed two songs, including “Secret,” on a 2007 episode of Gossip Girl, and “Secret” was also used in an ad for the Showtime series Dexter. If you’re a fan of the band, then you’re not alone! In fact, Catherine was engaged for quite some time to Albert Hammond, Jr., the guitarist for The Strokes, before the couple finally broke it off. Gotta love the inter-band gossip!

Q: Whats the song that's like, “She wore a dress like it was a Saturday”?
A: It turns out that you don’t need to get the Shazam app on your phone, given the success that we’re having at tracking down the artists of all these songs for you! That song, featured in episode two (“The Jenna Thing”), is entitled “Jack and Jill” and was performed by Katie Herzig (though originally recorded by Kim Richey). Herzig is a songwriter and performer and was nominated for a Grammy award in 2007. Apparently, as Hanna proves, “Jack and Jill” is the perfect song to listen to when you decide to convince your boyfriend that he’s held onto his virginity for long enough. (Of course, don’t blame the song if your ploy — like Hanna’s — doesn’t quite go as planned!)

07.2.2010 / 09:55 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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