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Dancing With The Stars

Jake Throws Out First Pitch, Talks Vienna

Being on Dancing with the Stars probably taught Jake Pavelka a thing or two about handling his nerves on the biggest stage. So it goes to reason that he'd draw from that experience while throwing out the first pitch at a Dodgers game on Wednesday! "You contain it until just the moment before," he says. "[Like when the announcer said], 'Now dancing the cha cha,' that is when it would turn on."

Jake prepared for the big event by practicing with his dad: "My dad and I got out in the front yard and measured off 60 feet and just threw it back and forth. It was great. It brought back a lot of childhood memories." Aww, it almost makes you forget about all the dirt flying around him after Vienna Girardi broke up with him. Almost.

And what is Jake doing now? "The thing about Hollywood is you don't read the bad and you don't get pumped up by the good. You just stay who you are and not change," something Vienna would likely laugh at in response. Jake also seemed quite proud of his acting on an upcoming episode of Drop Dead Diva: "I used to do that for a living. I was an actor, but I got into flying full time and hung my acting hat up. I forgot how therapeutic that was. It is not a cameo role. I had to get with an acting coach and explore certain things that happened to me in my life to get into this role... He has had similar life experiences, but he has made different choices, so it was easy to relate to the character, but he does things I wouldn't do."

Source: ET

07.9.2010 / 12:21 AM EDT by Chris
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