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Naya Rivera and Heather Morris: Real Life Besties!

You know Naya Rivera and Heather Morris as besties Santana and Brittany on Glee, but did you know they were also thisclose in real life? The bubbly pair sat down with OK! to talk friendship, Gleeks, and next season. Here's what they had to say:

NAYA: What makes me fun to be around?

HEATHER: First of all, you have the funniest laugh in the whole world! And second, you are the best at impersonating people. I am a big fan of listening to you impersonate Britney Spears!

HEATHER: What about me?

NAYA: You make me laugh all of the time. We went and saw a movie a few days ago and you made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes.

HEATHER: Were you always so funny?

NAYA: I never think I’m funny — that’s the best part. I try to make people laugh, but Amber [Riley, who plays Mercedes Jones] called me goofy once and that is the perfect adjective to describe my personality.

HEATHER: I like when you laugh at yourself, though. You’ll do something, and you’ll just have this huge laugh.

NAYA: I do that all the time. So, what’s the most fun thing about playing mean girl/cheerleader Brittany?

HEATHER: I don’t like playing mean girls.

NAYA: You don’t think it’s fun?

HEATHER: No, you know that.

NAYA: Peer pressure! Say it’s fun.

HEATHER: I think it’s fun to say whatever you want at any given moment and if it’s ad-libbing that’s the best part because we are really good at that. And we get to make fun of Rachel Berry [played by Lea Michele] to the extent that it’s abnormal.

NAYA: I agree. It’s therapeutic for me to play mean. If I’m having a terrible day at work and I want to yell at people. Who is the meanest person you have ever known?

HEATHER: I remember a friend in fourth grade and she used to make me sit in the corner and make me dance for her.

NAYA: And you did?

HEATHER: I was in fourth grade! I didn’t know how to talk back. What about you?

NAYA: There are too many to count. All throughout school there were so many mean people. I was good at defending myself. I just had a big mouth. And my face would just get really hot.

HEATHER: You told me about those girls that would make fun of you. If I would have seen those girls being mean to you, there would have been consequences! [laughs] By high school, I was always friends with everybody. How is the school on Glee different from the school you went to?

NAYA: I was not cool in real high school, but I am cool in this high school.

HEATHER: I think it is exactly the same as my high school. No joke. We had a glee club and they were just as much outcasts, except the cheerleaders didn’t join. Did you ever want to be a cheerleader when you were younger?

NAYA: Yes. Sophomore year, I brought the little form to my parents and asked to try out, but it was too expensive.

HEATHER: I did it in middle school.

NAYA: You were a cheerleader? OMG! What about summer vacation? What were your favorites?

HEATHER: We used to go on houseboat trips and go Jet Skiing and waterskiing for, like, weeks when I was a kid — that was probably my favorite. What about you?

NAYA: Same! My dad was into boating and we would have houseboat trips with other families and inner tube every summer.

HEATHER: How did we not know this about each other?

NAYA: I know — OK! Magazine bringing things together. This is like crazy therapy.

HEATHER: Why do you think fans are so excited by our show?

NAYA: They relate and [show creator Ryan Murphy] does a good job of making everyone feel welcome, keeping it PC.

HEATHER: I agree. Everyone can see a part of themselves in one of the characters. And it’s just good old-fashioned fun. A singing and dancing show? It’s awesome.

NAYA: [I downloaded] “Bohemian Rhapsody” from the Glee season finale because John sounded so good. I loved it!

NAYA: And we have amazing guest stars [like John Stamos]. OMG! Who didn’t watch Uncle Jesse? I refuse to call him by any other name but Uncle Jesse. He’ll probably get annoyed but we have to do it. I was talking to my mom about it the other day: It’s just so weird, it comes full circle that you are watching this person on television and all of a sudden you are working with them face to face!

HEATHER: Absolutely!

Source: OK!

07.17.2010 / 04:00 AM EDT by Chris
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