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Pretty Little Liars

Spoilers! Juicy Details on the Mid-Season Finale!

Spoiler alert! We’ve got a juicy, gossip-filled synopsis for Season 1, Episode 10, “Keep Your Friends Close,” which is also the mid-season finale. The FBI is in town, “A” is partying with the gang, and Mona invents an activity. If there isn’t a Facebook page for “glamping” yet, we bet all of that’s about to change. Want details? Read on:

When the discovery of a new piece of evidence about Alison’s disappearance brings the FBI to town, the last thing the girls want to do is go “glamping” (glam camping) for Mona’s birthday party. But when they get a text that insinuates that “A” will be at the party, Spencer gets the idea that it will be their chance to finally put an end to the threats. Once at Camp Mona, not even the mani/pedi station can lift the girls’ spirits when the evening takes a dangerous turn. Meanwhile, the Marin financial situation is pushing Ashley to the brink.

Well, “glamping”, first of all, is not a thing, and second of all, sounds awful, even before a vicious blackmailing psychopath gets thrown into the mix. Who wants to get mani-pedis somewhere where you’re bound to get mosquitoes fossilized in your polish?

But since “A” is going to be there, we have to admit it could be amazing. The whole pool of “A” suspects will be stuck in the woods together. Either things will have to come to a head between the girls — or we’ll discover that “A” is actually a bear.

07.23.2010 / 11:38 PM EDT by Melinda
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