Five Reasons Why Elena Should Take a Chance on Damon
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The Vampire Diaries

Five Reasons Why Elena Should Take a Chance on Damon

We’ve all got problems and Elena Gilbert just happens to find herself caught between two (very hot, very undead) brothers. Oh, what we wouldn’t give for a conundrum like that! So, which Salvatore should she choose? Here are five very good reasons why Mystic Falls’ most wanted lil’ mama should give Damon a chance.

Damon’s the hotter of the two Salvatore brothers. Please, Stefan fans, don’t even start. You know it’s true. Shallow? Yes. But the la mera verdad. From those Caribbean blue eyes to the wisp of that here-today-gone-tomorrow soul patch beneath his smooch-able bottom lip, Damon’s so yummy good-looking it makes you want to thank his mama for cooking up that genetic pie.

Damon’s wilder. Stefan’s the vamp you take home to mom, but Damon’s the bloodsucker you haunt the Jersey Shore with. The man’s about danger, dashing devil-may-care abandon, and other action words that start with the letter “D.” While Elena would no doubt have a good time with gentlemanly Stefan, a night out with Damon could lead to heart-stopping adventures she’d never forget. Remember when D took her to Atlanta? OK, so maaaaybe it wasn’t a date — but it was an adventure!

Damon will be more devoted. Sure, Stefan seems like the puppy dog loyal type, but let’s take a closer look, shall we? Of the two Salvatore brothers, which one has traveled the world for the last century looking for the first woman to pull his heartstrings? Damon. Which one was willing to die when he thought said love had met her maker? Damon. Which one freed a tomb full of vampires in attempt to find his heart? Damon. Who didn’t care what people thought when he danced with her at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant? Da — well, you get the point. Dude’s got major stalker tendencies that when checked totally equal devotion.

Damon’s got more experience. You know — the kind that matters. Elena’s dating Stefan now. So of course she and Damon haven’t consummated anything yet, but — blood sucking escapades aside — we have faith that when the dirty deed is finally done, Damon will deliver again and again. Hot.

Damon’s a killer. Sometimes Elena needs a man with homicidal tendencies — especially since she’s the spitting image of vampire queen Katherine. (And we all know Kat’s got enemies.) For example, remember when Damon offed his own beloved uncle? When the ish hits the fan, not only will Damon do the right wrong thing, he won’t feel guilty about it. At least Season 1 Damon wouldn’t.

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