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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Blog Roundup: Ali Fedotowsky and Chris Harrison on “The Men Tell All”

Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and host-master Chris Harrison share their thoughts on “The Men Tell All” special in the latest installments of their weekly blogs. Ali talks about her surprises and thoughts on seeing her former suitors, while Chris offers some insights on what it was like to film the show. Enjoy the following excerpts:

Ali Fedotowsky at

I want to start off by saying it was so great to see all the guys at the Men Tell All special. It is such a strange thing to say goodbye to someone on the show and then all of a sudden they are no longer a part of your life. Seeing everyone again made me feel so good. It validated that everything we had gone though together was real.

I’m glad that some of the guys realized that what Frank did was wrong and slightly selfish. That says a lot about my guys, because they are friends with Frank and it takes strength to call a friend out when they are wrong. In the end, I think we are all on the same page. Frank is a good guy who made some poor choices to stay on the show.

Watching what Kirk had to say during Men Tell All was really touching. After the guys leave during the show, I don’t really have time to reflect on how they must be feeling since I have to focus on the guys I have left. Therefore, it was hard to see how hurt Kirk felt after he left the show. I have so much respect for Kirk and I really hope he find an amazing woman to share his life with.
Chris Harrison at

I really wasn’t sure just how good this “Men Tell All” episode was going to be, mostly because I worried the guys were too buddy-buddy to give us any solid content. Oh how I was wrong! We shot this episode in a new, much bigger studio than the one we usually use. That meant we could fit even more fans in to see the show, which really helped crank up the atmosphere and excitement. I love hosting shows in front of a live studio audience.

The sit-down interviews I did with Ali to start the show were a blast. These little post-game chats have become a tradition now, and I love doing them. We shoot them after the show has been wrapped, so everybody has had time to watch the show back and really reflect on what’s happened. Ali was obviously relaxed and in a good place, so it was fun to go back over everything that had happened. As for the scenes you didn’t get to see, well apparently Ali didn’t remember all of them, either. It was hysterical how she forgot the space-helmet bit. I loved that our producer Cassie had the footage up on her computer, and we just brought it into the interview. Ali and I were laughing our butts off on that one.

We’ll hear much more from Frank next week when he appears with me on the “After the Final Rose” special, but it was very interesting to hear what the guys thought of him. I agreed with Craig R when he said this situation was very different than the Rated R situation. I look forward to talking to Frank next week because, honestly, I have more questions than answers right now: How did he and Nicole leave it when they broke up? When exactly did they break up? And what was their relationship when he came on the show? And that’s just for starters. Again, we’ll get all those answers next week on the “AFR” special.

Kasey was a very good sport at the special. I found it funny how all the guys gave him such backhanded compliments. “Yeah, you’re completely crazy but I love ya.” The thing I really wanted to hear from Kasey was where all the “guard and protect your heart” stuff came from, because I knew it had something to do with his past. Kasey’s been hurt badly before and he really didn’t want to see that happen to Ali. Maybe he didn’t go about presenting it the right way, but to a certain extent, you have to respect his sincerity. As a non-tattoo guy, I still have to say I don’t get the tat! No amount of explanation convinces me that was a good idea. I loved when Kasey got up toward the end of the show and sang another song for Ali. He still can’t sing worth a damn, but I told him afterward if he had shown that kind of personality during the season, he probably would have stayed around longer.

07.28.2010 / 03:15 AM EDT by Heidi
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