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The Bachelorette

Spoiler Roundup: Hints that Ali Picks Roberto

Here's what we know for a fact: Nothing. But that's never stopped us from speculating. It's fun! So we're presenting our series of "Hints" on what Ali will do on Monday's Bachelorette finale, based on furious spoiler sleuthing and speculation.

Here, we've gathered the spoilers that point to Ali picking Roberto "Dimples" Martinez. (Also, be sure to read our other spoiler roundups: Hints That Ali Is Single, Hints That Ali Picks Chris L., and Hints that Ali Is Engaged to… Someone.)

1. In the one piece of hard data that isn't tied to someone's cousin whispering something to their best friend, Roberto's State Farm peeps dug up the intel that Dimples, who has been selling insurance in South Carolina, is transferring to California. As one Fans of Reality TV sleuth discovered: "It is true! Roberto is registered in the State of California as of today! License period starts August 1, 2010, and ends July 31, 2012. No city listed but it is definitely our Roberto Martinez, Jr. with a business address of Sullivan’s Island, SC!” Roberto will supposedly be "housed" in the Irvine, California, office until he gets his new agency assignment. If Roberto were going to be the next Bachelor, let's say, he certainly wouldn't need to get his license at this point, since he would be totally out of the loop for months. This looks like a resettlement move.

2. Ali says in this Entertainment Tonight interview that she will not be moving to Los Angeles, but if she were involved with TV again (*cough*Dancing with the Stars*cough*) she would commute from "outside of L.A." Irvine definitely counts as outside of L.A.!

3. A blogger named Cash has been picking up steam for her unconfirmed tips from a source named "Don." Cash has given some quality details on what's happened in the past few weeks and she says this is what comes next:

  • Roberto meets Ali’s family first. They loved him.
  • Chris goes second. They liked him, too. Her brother thinks Chris may be too old for Ali.
  • Ali also thinks Chris is too old for her. She thinks he might be ready to be settled and have kids sooner than she will be. Her brother saying that he might be too old for her is a confirmation of this feeling.
  • Roberto has his last chance date first, then Chris.
  • At the final rose ceremony, Chris comes first.
  • Two days pass, Ali spends this time with Roberto in Tahiti. Roberto knows that Chris is out of the picture.
  • The rose ceremony with Roberto is filmed.
  • Ali and Roberto are engaged and happy.
  • They've spent time together at a safe house. The safe house is not in L.A.
  • 5 of Ali’s friends told a certain other blogger that Ali is single. This is a spoof and Ali is in on it. They think it’s hilarious.
  • The producers are loving that everybody has different information. It’s exactly what they wanted and was the plan from day one.

4. Way back in the beginning, before the first episode even aired, Ali was careful in her wording about about the show ended, but she did explain her criteria for giving out roses along the way:

"It was just a feeling that I had about each person. I didn't really weigh a lot 'Well this person has these qualities and this person has these qualities.' I never wanted to compare the guys. I didn't think that was fair. I just more, instead of comparing the guys and their qualities I compared my feelings for the guys. I felt pretty confident, I felt extremely confident each rose ceremony in the decisions I made. ... But after that I really knew what I wanted and the only hard part was hurting somebody in order to, you know, find my ending, I guess. Hopefully find my guy."

Remember, in her hometown date with Roberto, she told his family it was that "feeling" that initially drew her to him. (Liar! It was really his dimples.) He also told his mother he just had that "feeling" with her.

5. They have had the strongest connection from day one. Roberto walked out of the limo, spoke Spanish to Ali, and then walked inside as she said "sexy" in his wake. He got the first impression rose and to date no one who has received that rose has been picked in the end. But there's a first time for everything. She can't resist him.

6. Ali has said that Frank was probably going to be in her top two, so that means either Roberto or Chris would not have made it to Bora Bora. It's more likely that Roberto was always going to get this far since their connection was stronger long before this point. The heavily edited ABC preview shows Ali saying goodbye to Chris L. and it could be total misdirection, but it could also be that she says goodbye to Chris before the final rose ceremony. That would be one reason why Reality Steve got that information early without knowing the details of what happens after that. That doesn't mean Roberto proposes, but it would leave him as her final option.

7. According to Celebrity Beehive, the latest Us Magazine story shows only a picture of Roberto in the boat used to get to the final rose ceremony. It says that one of the guys has an engagement ring in his pocket and is sweating bullets and has to have his make-up redone. That sure does sound like our sweaty Dimples!

8. People Magazine's August 9 cover story is called "Why I Broke the Rules." "I was trying to be smart and fall in love with my heart — but use my head too,” Ali tells People. “Sometimes the right thing is the hardest thing to do, and it’s definitely hard to hurt somebody,” she adds without revealing her final decision. “No matter what happens in the end, I hurt somebody.” So it sounds like she lets someone go and that could be Chris. But what are the "rules" that she broke? Letting Chris go before the final rose ceremony? Does she propose to Roberto because he feels like he can't propose because maybe her father doesn't give his blessing? Chris Harrison and the ABC press release have all talked about a surprising finale. Could that be it? Is that really surprising enough?


07.31.2010 / 02:30 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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