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The Bachelorette

Ali’s Guys Guess Who Will Be the Next Bachelor

As is normally the case, one of the rejected suitors from The Bachelorette will probably become the next Bachelor. But which one? Well, that depends on who you talk to!

Former contestant Ty thinks that Chris L. should get the call — assuming, of course, that Ali doesn't pick him during the finale tonight. "If Chris L. were not to win, not to have Ali’s heart, I think he would be a good bachelor,” Ty says. And who else? "I think Craig R., would be a great bachelor. There are a couple of guys on the show that would be ready to fall in love and find somebody."

Jesse Beck agrees with Ty about Chris L.: "He and I were good buddies and I know a lot about him. He is a stud, so why not?" Good point! Jonathan the Weatherman goes for Roberto instead. “I always said if Roberto did not end up with her, he or Kirk would be good Bachelors next season.”

As for Ali herself, she actually agrees with Jonathan that Kirk would be the best choice. “I think Kirk would be really good, I do,” Ali says. “It’s easy to open up and talk to him. I think he’s a genuine person and he’s full of positivity.”

Source: Reality TV Magazine

08.2.2010 / 11:06 PM EDT by Chris
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