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Pretty Little Liars

Ashley Benson Says a Huge Secret Gets Out Tomorrow

Just how many secrets are the girls of Pretty Little Liars keeping at this point, anyway? Ashley Benson (Hanna) says that after tomorrow, they’ll be keeping one less.

"A huge secret gets out for one of the main girls," Ash tells Zap2It. "We all have to take our SATs, so everybody's stuck at school. There's certain people that come into the school where we're all stuck. Detective Wilden, anytime he's around ... there's just a lot of things that happen that shouldn't ... It kind of destroys somebody."

So will the revealed secret be that things are steaming up between adorkable fanboy Lucas and queen bee Hanna? According to Ashley, viewers won’t get to see that hookup happen — at least not yet!

"Right now [Hanna and Lucas are] trying their friendship. They know what it was like to be the outcasts ... She saw what Alison did to him, she's a huge support system for him," she says. "I know a lot of the fans want us to become boyfriend/girlfriend. I have no idea what the writers are going to do, but Brendan is really great, so we'll see what happens."

But of course, the dramz will keep coming right up until the midseason finale.

"We have a lot of new characters that are being introduced in these last couple episodes ... That create problems. In the very last episode, there's a huge thing that happens for my character and it's going to change a lot about my storyline. It's really good."

Source: Zap2It

08.3.2010 / 12:14 AM EDT by Melinda
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