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Pretty Little Liars

Wearing a Fat Suit Makes Ashley Benson Cry!

Donning a fat suit to play Hefty Hanna in the flashbacks brings a tear to Ashley Benson’s eye — not because she doesn’t like going up a size or two, but because she can’t stand what poor Hanna had to endure!

“I put the fat suit on, and honestly, I almost started crying when I started saying my lines,” Ashley told TV Chick. “I felt so sad for her, when she’s asking Sean to go to a party with her, and he’s looking at her like she’s crazy. And he’s trying to be sweet to her. I know what it’s like to have the courage to just talk to a boy, and honestly, tears were welling up in my eyes while I was doing the scene, because I felt so bad for her.”

But Ashley thinks that over the last few episodes Hanna’s finally come into her own.

“At first [the fans] liked my character, but since she was so stuck up and mean, they kind of geared towards other characters. Now, Hanna’s completely done a 180. She’s really down to earth, and she’s hilarious. She’s so sarcastic. The writers give her the best one-liners, and everybody loves it. It’s great to have comedy in a drama. It’s so much fun, I love it.”

So what’s up with the Hanna-Sean-Lucas triangle? And does it have a dotted line to Aria? Hanna can’t say what the future holds.

“With Aria and Sean, that was obviously something that he did out of anger,” she says. “And I don’t think she’d really question that. As you saw, they kind of got back together after that whole thing happened. But with Lucas, she kind of does have feelings for him, but she doesn’t know if she needs to act on them or what, because obviously it’s Lucas. But then again, she befriended him because she knows what it’s like to be in his shoes and she’s a sweet girl. She’s more down to earth and more relatable now. So that’s definitely going to be a challenge in the next couple episodes and hopefully it carries onto the next twelve in the next half of the first season. But I have no idea where the storyline’s going to go, but so far it’s cute and innocent and we’ll see if they get together.”

Well, this is Rosewood. Nothing is really innocent. Lucas will probably turn out to have a collection of human ears in his closet or something, but until then, we’ll agree: It’s adorable!

Source: TV Chick

08.4.2010 / 11:21 PM EDT by Melinda Taub
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