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The Bachelorette

Top 3 Bachelor Bromance Moments from the Season 6 Finale

"Guy time" on The Bachelorette isn't just about misplaced aggression or kicking another bachelor when he's down. (You're shocked there's more to the show than that — we know!) Sometimes, even these guys need a shoulder to cry on... or at least a fist to bump. Here is our list of the most adorable bromantic moments from the season finale! Hugs all around!

3. Roberto approves of Ali’s choices for the final two

Roberto: You know, it’s down to me and Chris, and Chris is a great guy, but I try not to think about whatever they’re doing, what’s going on with them.

2. Chris just got broken up with, and he hasn’t thrown anything across the room yet?! Maybe we have less in common with him than we thought!

Chris (after Ali breaks up with him): Good luck tomorrow.
Ali: Thank you.
Chris: Go find out if he loves you.

1. Stop, Chris! Please! You’re gonna make us cry all over again!

Chris: Thank you so much for taking me along on this journey, and I’m so happy that you found love ‘cause that’s what you were here for, and you got an amazing guy.

08.5.2010 / 09:47 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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