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Pretty Little Liars

Video: New Sneak Peeks at Next Week’s Finale!

Are you guys ready for this? Have you explained to your neighbors that any screams coming from your place on Tuesday night will be induced by crazy Pretty Little Liars plot twists? Have you invited your besties over so you’ll have someone’s hand to clutch during suspenseful moments? Because the midseason finale is less than a week away, and it’s going to be intense. Time to check out some new teaser clips to whet your appetite for scandal!

Oh, Mona. If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to break the tension, it’s her sociopathic chipmunk personality. Emily, Aria, and Spencer aren’t enthused about Mona’s “glamping” party, but will they change their minds once “A” tells them she’s on the guest list, too?

Aria’s dad wants her mom back, and he plans to send her that message by ambushing her at her lunch date with Aria. Hey, Byron, remember when your wife left you because you kept your infidelity a secret from her and roped your daughter into your marital problems? Don’t know what reminded us of that, since it’s clearly unrelated.

Hanna uses redial to snoop on her mom and finds out that their home might be in foreclosure. Oh well — at least she’ll be the best-dressed girl at the homeless shelter!

08.5.2010 / 01:09 AM EDT by Melinda Taub
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