You Ask, We Answer: Team Wren Edition
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Pretty Little Liars

You Ask, We Answer: Team Wren Edition

So many mysteries, so little time! We tackled some of the biggest Pretty Little Liars fan questions out there and answered them just for you. Take a moment to check out our answers, then add some of your own questions (or answers!) in the comments below. But be warned: Juicy spoilers ahead!

Q: What happened to Wren? I like him better than Alex.

A: Bad news for all you members of Team Wren out there! According to, Wren isn’t listed as returning to the show for the rest of the season. (In other words, dropping that potted plant a few weeks back was apparently just too much for Spencer to forgive.) Not that Team Alex should start gloating yet — Alex won’t be seen in next week’s season finale either! Guess he had to listen to Spencer’s mom’s sob story for nothing!

But if you’re desperate for Spencer to interact with another of Melissa’s exes... Well, you might not have Spencer’s best interests in mind, but at least you’ll be happy. Ian Thomas, who was spotted dropping by the memorial last week, will return in the summer finale, and we can only assume that we’ll be in for more smokin’ hot eye contact between the two of them! Can’t wait!

Q: I just would like to know where Aria got her dress in last nights episode...

A: We loved Aria’s dress, too — that’s why it was our Fashion Hit of the week! She’s wearing a Zac Posen by Target dress. We’re just thankful that her clothes didn’t get as muddy as those worn by so many other less fashionable people! (Yes, Lucas, we’re looking in your direction.)

Q: Do the girls get along behind the scenes as well as they do on screen??

A: Rest assured — they do! As Ashley Benson (Hanna) tells TV Squad, “We do a lot of things together. We've just gotten so close — they're like a second family to me.” Sounds like the girls are just as close off-screen as they are on! (Of course, we’re guessing that none of the actresses are quite as close off-screen as Emily and Maya are when they’re on camera!)

Q: what is your opinion?? Do you think that Hanna and Hermy will or should date?

A: We’re not sure how we feel about Lucas anymore, after getting a glimpse at his muddy (and possibly incriminating) shoes. But actor Brendan Robinson (Lucas) sounds fairly certain that a Hanna-Lucas hook-up is in the works! "With every episode, it draws closer and closer to that. There's some chemistry there, definitely," Robinson tells Zap2It. You go, Lucas! We can’t remember the last time that we were this impressed by a guy for getting someone who’s out of his league — at least, not since that cameraman who married Julia Roberts!

08.9.2010 / 07:23 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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