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Jersey Shore

Is The Situation on Steroids? Is Ronnie on Steroids?

It's tough being a guido. There's always pressure on you to get jacked, to get huge, to become the biggest gorilla on the beach. There's pressure to be a on the juice, (and no, we're not talking about pomegranate juice — although that stuff is delightful). So is on the 'roids? According to an interview with,he doesn't touch the stuff: "No way. I'm 100 percent natural. I just have very good genetics. I've had a six-pack since I was little, and even if I miss the gym, the six-pack is always there."

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We can see it now: The Situation, the only baby in the nursery with a six-pack. And genetics, huh? His nana must be a monster in the gym.

Still, many are skeptical about The Situation's denial, mainly because steroids seem to be so engrained in guido culture. Jenni "JWOWW" Farley, in an interview with, agrees that steroids are prevalent: "The [guys] that I come across are heavily into steroids, and tattoos, and injecting whatever it could be into their system that will make them bigger and better looking… It's definitely in our club scene. Almost all my friends are into it."

So either JWOWW's been hanging out with professional wrestlers and disgraced baseball players, or she's saying pretty much every guido on the shore is rockin' the 'roids. Could two of those friends of hers include guys named Mike and Ronnie?

When it comes to those two, the jury is split. Most experts believe Ronnie almost definitely uses steroids because he has the classic juicehead body type: huge shoulders, pecs, and traps (much like, say, a gorilla), while The Situation is a little harder to read: he's trimmer and more toned, but his arms are huge. He looks like the Incredible Hulk would if only his arms got angry.

So what do you think? Are these guys on the juice, or just dedicated gym rats? And does it even matter?


08.10.2010 / 04:01 AM EDT by Rich Piepho
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