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Pretty Little Liars

Showrunner Marlene King Tweets Up a Storm!

Anyone who follows Pretty Little Liars on Twitter (@ABCFPLL) would have been majorly annoyed yesterday afternoon. We sure were when we saw how they had filled up our whole feed. Such a breach of twittiquette! But then we saw why and their spamming ways were more than forgiven: Showrunner Marlene King was doing a Q & A with fans! Check out some choice tweets from the Pretty Little Producer herself.

Q2: @shawneiko: Is Alison going to be portrayed as anything but evil on the show? The girls allude to it, but there's no proof it's true!

MK:@shawneiko as the show continues we will see that Ali was a friend to them but a frienemy at the same time.

Q5: @xxToeKneexx123: Will there be 1 full season of Pretty Little Liars since the show is going through the storyline of the books so fast?

MK: xxToeKneexx123 We have so many fun stories to tell. The show will run for years and secrets will continue to shock and astound you.

Q7: @SOMEB0DYTOLOVE: @ABCFpll #PLLChat which was your fav. episode to create? :)

MK: @SOMEBODYTOLOVE The pilot and summer finale are so far my favorite episodes. They entice and deliver. #PLLchat

Q8: @mtmac7: #PLLchat Will the relationship between Aria and Ezra continue throughout the rest of the seasons?

MK: @mtmac7 The summer finale answers a big Aria Ezra questions and brings you some important new developments. #PLLchat

Q9: @susanrb: From the previews I've seen for tonight, they've mentioned "glamping", is this an original concept or was it from the books?

MK: @susanrb I went glamping last summer and thought it would be a fun new twist to introduce people to. #PLLchat

Q12: @NancyDrewGal: @ABCFamily #PLLChat Can you describe Ashley, Shay, Lucy, and Troian in one word? :)

MK: @NancyDrewGal KIND.

Q13: @WeHeartTroian: #PLLChat Who's story in the show is most intriguing to you?

MK: @WeHeartTroian Alison continues to amaze me. She is extremely complex.

Q14: @Edith_Camargo: Will Hanna and Lucas' relationship develop when the series returns? #PLLchat

MK: @Edith_Camargo Hanna and Lucas will develop a relationship that is separate from the books but will deepen with time. #PLLchat

Q16: @kcostaaa: will we be seeing more of Ella when the show returns? #PLLChat

MK: @SaraJordao We have a great story line for Ella coming up. She is going seek and find.#PLLchat

Q17: @callistahogan: What can we expect from Spencer in the coming episodes, both the summer finale and the continuation in the winter?

MK: @callistahogan Spencer will find herself thrown into the middle of both family and mystery drama. #PLLchat

Q18: @iamnotashley: Is there going to be a relationship between Ashley and Byron when the show continues? #PLLchat

MK: iamnotashley I love that Ashley and Byron are becoming friends. Will it lead to more? We'll see. #PLLchat

Q19: @wildgurl14: @ABCFamily Did Lucas Trash The Memorial? #PLLchat

MK:@wildgirl14 Lucas is so kind and giving to Hanna but he also harbors some deep wound that need to heal. #PLLchat


08.11.2010 / 10:48 PM EDT by Melinda Taub
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