New Bachelor Pad Couple: Juan and Michelle?
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The Bachelorette

New Bachelor Pad Couple: Juan and Michelle?

They both got voted off this week — and both seemed more than a little creepy — so why wouldn't Juan and Michelle be hooking up? Well, according to, they're doing just that! Supposedly a romance has sparked between the two since they left the show. And the new couple was out in full force in Las Vegas on Monday night watching themselves on Bachelor Pad!

Juan and Michelle watched the season premiere at Hussong’s Cantina inside The Shoppes at Mandalay Place with 14 friends and fans. “Juan clapped and cheered while watching himself on TV and everyone yelled when Michelle made her appearance on the show,” a source said.

The unholy twosome took their elimination in stride. According to the source, the PDA-crazy duo “even laughed” when the crowd cheered as they got voted off. Perhaps these two are made for each other!