Grey’s Season 7 Spoilers: A Baby, a Trauma Counselor, and a Love Triangle
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Season 7 Spoilers: A Baby, a Trauma Counselor, and a Love Triangle

Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes is like Fort Knox when it comes to spoilers. But if there's one person who's got the scoop, it's Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ausiello reveals what he knows (and what he assumes) will happen next season. You know the drill: Don't read on if you want to preserve your Season 7 innocence!

First up is the relatively old news that Sarah Drew (April) and Jesse Williams (Jackson) will join the cast full-time. But also joining the cast is James Tupper, best known for his work on the shows Men in Trees and Mercy. (Funnily enough, his Men in Trees work earned him the nickname McTreemy.) Tupper will be in at least three episodes, playing a trauma counselor who helps the doctors recover from the shootings. According to Tupper, not everyone makes a smooth recovery. He reveals, "Lexie doesn't do well and ends up having to be committed to psych for a complete nervous breakdown." Yikes!

Ausiello also spoke with Shonda about Meredith's miscarriage, and according to her, the baby storyline is far from over. He spills, "If anything, Meredith, through this experience, realizes she did want the baby. I don't know how quickly it is going to happen — maybe by the end of the season — but I think there is going to be a baby in their future."

And as for the love triangles, Ausiello believes the Cristina-Owen-Teddy conflict to be over but the Mark-Lexie-Alex one to be still going strong. Kim Raver corroborates this in an interview with "The love triangle [between Teddy, Owen and Christina] seems to be over in the first couple of episodes. And while I'm very sad for Teddy, I think it will be nice to see her have her own life and romantic interest. ... There is something definitely happening with the wonderfully charming and handsome James Tupper. We'll just have to see. Something that I've talked to Shonda [Rhimes] about was the fact that while the love triangle was a great way to inject Teddy into this tightly knit group at Seattle Grace, I'm glad that we’re not playing it out for two seasons."

Beyond those juicy tidbits, the events of Season 7 are anyone's guess. But Ausiello does say that Rhimes is viewing last season's finale as a reset for the show. "For her it is like a new beginning," he says. Talk about a scarring means of rejuvenating a series!

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