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The Bachelorette

The Real Story Behind DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak’s Break-Up

At least the story of DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak has a happy ending. Both former Bachelorette lovers got engaged last week — just not to each other! But what happened to their potential wedded bliss? Well, apparently the lure of fame!

After the pair moved by to DeAnna's Georgia home following their engagement on the show in 2008, DeAnna was hoping to find more fame. Specifically, she wanted to get nearly $1 million to broadcast their wedding. She was only offered $750K. "Jesse was in it for the love, he wanted a future together in Colorado and she wanted to be a star," said a source close to the pair. "But DeAnna used to say, 'All I want to be is the next Angelina Jolie.'"

When she couldn't get a proper offer, DeAnna got cold feet and that was the end. She dumped Jesse soon after. And don't think they're still close. "Jesse and I are not friends... and we never will be," said DeAnna recently. Wow, bitter much?

Like we said, at least everyone seems happy now. But if we were DeAnna's fiancee we might be a little worried if that reality show doesn't come through!


08.17.2010 / 01:53 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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