Bachelor Pad Interview: Jessie Sulidis Still Hopes for Relationship with Dave Good
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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad Interview: Jessie Sulidis Still Hopes for Relationship with Dave Good

Sexy Canadian Jessie Sulidis was expelled this week from Bachelor Pad High School. She's not too happy about it and she explained her frustrations in a media conference call today. The 26-year-old with the nicest ass Jesse Kovacs has ever seen talked about how she is not dating Kirk DeWindt of The Bachelorette, but she is interested in seeing what might happen with Dave "Man Code" Good of Bachelor Pad. Read on for more from Jessie on her strategy, the biggest game player in the house, the one person she doesn't want to keep in touch with, and why she's siding with Craig McKinnon and Michelle Kujawa over Tenley Molzahn in Rumorgate 2010.

Why do you think you went home so early?

I think honestly it was just within — after the first rose ceremony the house really just flipped. Every day was like a new strategy for somebody. I just think that when Krisily heard me talking with Dave Good in the hot tub I really think it was her that went around and got everybody to sort of not trust me, want to vote me out. But if you heard at the very end when we were at the rose ceremony she was saying that somebody was lying and malicious, but I never once said a bad word about anybody in the house. I just had my own game plan and (tried to) see where I fit in.

Why did you decide to side with Dave and the Insiders over Craig, your fellow Canadian, and the Outsiders?

I know, I felt bad about that about the Craig issue. But I really started to develop feelings for Dave, it wasn't just so much strategy. It was that, I was attracted to him immediately when we got to the house and those feelings started to develop as we were in the house. We were with each other 24/7, we got to know each other. So I think that by the time that I got back from my date with Craig I knew that I didn't have feelings like that for Craig, I knew that those feelings I had were for Dave and I really wanted to see where they could go. Sure, you saw us in the hot tub but there's also things that you didn't see, little one-on-one interactions between Dave and I. But I actually really did like him.

What is your status with Dave?

Well, obviously this show is pre-filmed. We're not all allowed — the cast is not allowed to speak with each other. So I don't know where I stand still with Dave. I know that after watching last night I really appreciate what he did, trying to get everybody to change their vote and he really stayed true to me. So I really appreciate that, but I also know that this is a competition and he needs to get ahead so I know that I can't hold anything against him on what he's going to do from now on. I think it's just going to be really interesting to see where we stand when we go to tape the finale.

What was with the interviews being done with pie all over everyone's faces?

Yeah, it was like literally right after we had eaten the pie, they pulled you aside to do your ITMs (in the moment confessionals to the camera). It was crazy. I was like 'Can I wipe the pie off my face?' They're like 'No, you look perfect just like that.' I was like 'This is a face only my mother could love right now!'

That really seemed to push the limits of guys finding the women attractive.

It grossed me right out! I'm proud to say I'm probably the only girl that didn't throw up. And I don't know how I kept my composure cause it was — Tenley was the worst and she was sitting right beside me. And I just kept blocking everything out. You see me at one point, I was waving my hands. I just couldn't take it anymore. It was just too disgusting for me.

Bachelor Pad Interview: Jessie Sulidis Still Hopes for Relationship with Dave Good
You got caught playing both sides last night. Do you think your strategy was better or worse or less conniving than, say, Nikki changing her vote at the last minute or Ashley telling Jonathan that she would vote with the Outsiders then flipping?

I definitely think I was the least conniving. I never directly went up to somebody and said 'Oh I will vote for you' or 'I'm on your side.' I said that, obviously, to Dave because that's who I liked and that's who I was siding with, but I still had friends that were on the Outsiders. Ashley Elmore was of my good friends on the show and I didn't really know where she stood because she was sort of back and forth. I got to know Peyton. I was friends with a bunch, everybody in both crowds so it was really hard. And I was just trying to play the game smart and everybody has their own strategy. I was just trying to find a way to stay and obviously Krisily exposed that. But at the very end rose ceremony when they were saying that somebody was malicious and somebody was a liar, she was really directing that at me but I had never — you would've heard, you would've seen it on the TV if I had once said something bad about anybody.

Do you think that that's what it's going to take, someone conniving?

Not somebody conniving, but somebody that knows how to — somebody smart enough to know how to play their game and not get caught. 'Cause everybody there, whether they want to admit it or not, has their own strategy in their head.

What was your strategy?

My strategy changed from when when I first got there. My first strategy was, okay, round one, I don't know anybody here. Neither does Craig, we were like the top two for Twister so right away the most logical thing was to pair up with Craig. Just to ensure that we could make it to the next round then hopefully we could make more friends in the house. Then it was just, like, after that first rose ceremony the house flipped. People became irritable with other people and people started taking sides and you didn't really know who to trust. So I just think that, sure, when you saw me and Dave in the hot tub that was my initial new strategy, but then I sort of realized that everybody sort of had split up on their own and that wasn't going to work. I sort of had to find a way to re-strategize and I didn't really have any time before the next rose ceremony began.

Anything that surprised you when you watched the show?

I definitely wasn't aware of all the strategizing going on on all those group dates, with Gia and with Weatherman. I had no idea. When they came back to the house we had no idea. I had talked to Peyton before she had gone on the date. She really doesn't have any strategy that she was building on. So it was very interesting to see the conversations that went on on those dates and especially Gia backing out on her original plan to save Craig — which really would've turned things around in the house — and giving it to Wes. So I think that that really shocked me.

There are some reports out there that you are dating Kirk from Ali's season. Would you like to address those rumors?

Yeah, I am definitely not dating Kirk. He's a really nice guy and I can't lie, we did go out to dinner and met up for an evening but that's about it. We're friends and I think that that's all it will be.

Is there anyone special in your life now?

Right now? Nobody in particular. Obviously I'm going out on dates but I still want to see where things end off. We still have the finale to film so I really want to see what's going to happen for the rest of the season and not jump into anything too soon.

What are you looking for in a guy?

Sense of humor. I like a guy that can make me laugh, that's like the number one thing with me. Somebody that's secure and confident...

What was the best thing about the experience?

The best thing about the experience was probably the nights we had in the hot tub, just all of us getting together and forgetting about the competition. You saw a bit last night. Wes grabbed his guitar. Even Weatherman grabbed his guitar some nights. We just really kicked back, had a few drinks in the hot tub and just really forgot about the challenges, the money and just really had a good time with each other.

Is there anyone you're going to keep in contact with?

For sure. I definitely would like to keep even just a friendship with Dave. Kiptyn's a great guy. Ashley Elmore will always be a friend of mine. Elizabeth Kitt was one of my favorites from my season. Yeah, definitely, there's — I'm definitely going to be keeping in contact with, uh, definitely not Krisily, but some of the others, for sure.

Who is the biggest game player in the house? Who has the best strategy?

I think Elizabeth, as much as people are calling her crazy I think that she really has control over the house. Like, a lot of us are really good friends with Elizabeth and we trust Elizabeth. I think right now she is the one that's dominating the house.

Do you think it was better to come in already having a relationship with someone in the house or to come in unattached?

At first [being in a relationship] was a bonus for week one because you already had those friendships, you already had those ties with those people and you already have trust. Jesse Kovacs didn't seem to think that week one, but now he's realizing that being with Elizabeth is a good strategy. However you saw week 2 the Outsiders really did try to break up the Insiders because they had these relationships. But because Gia didn't give the rose to Craig that really spoiled their plans and I think it's going to be a lot different in the house. I think the power's going to go back to the Insiders.

It seems to be only the girls who are doing the Insiders/Outsiders. Why do you think that is?

I think it's just like in high school. The guys don't really care to get involved in all the drama. Then the girls are the ones that sort of create the teams and the sides. I think it's no shortage of high school.

What was it like living in the house with the bunk beds?

Oh my gosh. The first night we were there, like, my number one demand in the morning was ear plugs! It's hard. I'm a light sleeper so any noise — Weatherman was always wandering around in the middle of the night. I don't know if he was a sleepwalker or what but he was always wandering around the bedroom. You have people constantly snoring, you have people making out. So yeah it was definitely hard to catch some sleep. And also hard because you're going to bed, you're waking up and all these men are waking up beautiful and you're like, ugh. For instance, my hair's curly so I'm waking up every day with frizzy hair...

It sounds like you're interested in seeing Dave again in the finale. What if he pairs up with someone else along the way?

Obviously I've seen some of the promos so I've seen him kissing somebody else, but no it doesn't bother me. I think a lot of it has to do with strategy. I think we're going to find out when the finale comes — who knows, he may have found love with somebody else and if he did I'm happy for him. You never know.

You talked about hearing things at night. Do you think it's true that Michelle hooked up with Craig in last week's episode? What do you think about the drama feud afterward with Tenley?

No, I don't think that Michelle and Craig hooked up. I'm friends with Craig and he told me after 'Definitely not.' When we were on the show he said 'Definitely not, that never happened.' I believe him. I believe Michelle. Tenley might've heard something and I don't think that she tried to be malicious about it but she definitely did say something. So I don't disagree with Michelle confronting her on it, just maybe she could've done it in a better way. But yeah I definitely think it was a big overreaction on Tenley's part.

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