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Dancing With The Stars

Kate Gets Ready to Send All 8 to School

Aww, she might be a terrible dancer and kind of a tyrant, but Kate Gosselin still has a heart! The Dancing with the Stars train wreck and reality mom has got some tears in her eyes as she sends her kids off to school!

She blogs: "ALL EIGHT OF MY CHILDREN will, for the first time ever, ATTEND FULL-TIME SCHOOL this year!!!! I stand in awe, amazement and slight sadness at the thought of this [insert sad, nostalgic mommy music here please]," Kate writes of the big back-to-school moment. Remember when we felt bad for her? Yeah, that "mommy music" line put a stop to that!

"I can remember .... thinking ahead to the day when I would send eight children off to school Monday through the time, the thought of having eight children at home Monday through Friday scared the living bejeebers out of me. [I] drew the conclusion that someday my house would, thanks to the school system, sorta somewhat calm down again ... Uh yeah, or so I hoped!"

"Reaching this milestone is a privilege that is never a guarantee -- extra especially not in a high-risk sextuplet pregnancy," Kate writes. "I feel honored (even if a bit sad) to send them marching off to school...Just like Snow White and her 8 (please, just on this occasion?) Dwarfs!" Oh, Kate!

Source: Us

08.18.2010 / 06:20 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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