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Jersey Shore

Luxury Brands Fighting For Snooki To NOT Use Their Bags

If you own a fake tanner or short skirt company, Snooki’s endorsement could catapult your brand from “I’ve heard of that” to “I need that.”

You’d think luxury purse brands would feel the same, right? Not so according to the New York Observer. Whether it was drunkenly stumbling around the Seaside Heights boardwalk or smooshing guidos at Karma, Snooki would never be seen without her Coach bag dangling from her arm.

“But then the winds of change started blowing on Jersey Shore,” the Observer reports, “Every photograph of Guido-huntin' Snooki showed her toting a new designer purse. Why the sudden disloyalty? Was she trading up?”

Turns out the reason is far more nuanced. Here’s the backstory: If you’re responsible for protecting the luxury Coach brand, you want to appeal to the high fashion world that the elite consumers take their cues from. That appeal is permanently damaged when photos of a guidette strutting around with her buttocks exposed and holding your bag are plastered all over the Internet. So what do you do?

“Allegedly, the anxious folks at these various luxury houses are all aggressively gifting our gal Snookums with free bags. No surprise, right? But here's the shocker: They are not sending her their own bags. They are sending her each other's bags! Competitors' bags!”

Snooki has essentially become the taste-maker no one wants. “Nobody in fashion wants to co-brand with Snooki,” Doonan says.

So if you ever find yourself starring on a hit reality show, make sure to parade around like a fool sporting the luxury brand you don’t like.

Source: NY Observer

08.19.2010 / 02:00 AM EDT by R.J. Fried
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