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Cory Monteith on His First Thoughts on Finn: I Thought He Was “An Idiot”

We all love Cory Monteith as Finn on Glee — his wide-eyed innocence and loyalty make him both charming and sweet (and his good looks don't hurt either). But what did the star initially think of his alter-ego?

“When I first saw the script I thought [Finn] was an idiot,” Monteith told Movieline. “That’s not a good place to start as an actor. You don’t want to judge your character like that. I think his progression has been going from this dumb — well, he’s not dumb. He’s innocent. He truly comes from a place of childlike innocence where he doesn’t know that the moon and New York City are more than 100 miles apart, for example. He really doesn’t know. And he always speaks before he thinks. That’s a pretty common trait of Finn’s.”

Also a common trait? Bad dancing: "I have two left feet. I have gotten a little better [this season], but it’s still not something I am fluid at." That's okay, bud!

So what can we expect from Finn this season? "Oh, there are some classic Finn Hudson moments coming up. We were shooting some this morning actually. More of the adorable, the stupidity — well, maybe stupidity is a bad word. Finn’s adorable naïveté will be revisited.”

Source: Movieline

08.25.2010 / 12:32 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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