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Pretty Little Liars

Who is “A”? A Sartorial Inquiry: Jenna Marshall Edition

Earlier this week, we wondered aloud what Alison DiLaurentis might wear if she turned out to be the elusive (and surprisingly alive!) “A” who stalks and threatens the lovely ladies of Pretty Little Liars each week. We hear you — her body was found at the end of the first episode! Still, it's not like we're going to have any new episodes until 2011, so forgive us for starting at the top of the suspect list. So who is “A”? Your guess is as good as ours, but the next one up for questioning is Jenna Marshall. Could she really be “A”? Is Toby in on it? And most importantly, what did she wear?

Jenna Marshall

Why She’s a Suspect: When a group of snobby neighbors devise a prank that ends up robbing you of your eyesight, you're bound to have a revenge plan in your back pocket at all times. Plus, according to Jenna, Alison spent quite a bit of time by Jenna’s side during her recovery, so who knows how much dirt Jenna has on her classmates?

Wearing What: For some reason, Jenna always looks slightly funereal as it is, so we can't imagine her "A" outfit standing out too much from her everyday wardrobe. We'd like to think that if she were “A”, she'd switch out her usual sunglasses for some more stylish ones (maybe a peek through Hanna’s closet wouldn’t hurt), and she could try a dramatic coat to enhance the effect.

Accessory of Choice: A partner in crime. We can’t imagine Jenna pulling off all these dastardly deeds on her own!

1: Slightly billowy sleeves make this dress all the better for hiding secrets in. Velvet Halima Long Sleeve Dress, $85; 2: Jenna definitely would have appreciated having a large satchel to keep a certain file or two safe. Cooperative Mixed Media Satchel, $78; 3: A trench is a classically covert coat, but a dramatic kimono-inspired jacket lends a similar vibe with a extra dash of flair. Spiegel Ponté Knit Kimono-Sleeve Jacket, $89; 4: These mod shades are at once nostalgic and forward-thinking, kind of like how Jenna might feel if she were devising new ways to ruin the lives of her former tormentors. A.J. Morgan Crush Rectangular Sunglasses, $20; 5: These flats aren’t quite as sexy as heels, but they are much quieter if you need to do some sneaking around. Banana Republic Memoir Ballet Flat, $79