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Dancing With The Stars

David Hasselhoff Almost Declined DWTS!

Lest you think all stars want a piece of Dancing with the Stars, they don't! Just ask David Hasselhoff, who was torn about even participating this season!

"After I got the call, I told my daughters, 'It looks like somebody fell out and they want me to do the show,'" says Hasselhoff, who wanted to decline because of his busy schedule.

"This stuff is painful. I've done Broadway; I've done the West End with 40 of the top dancers in the world behind me and I was in such pain. Watching this show, I'd turn it on and say, 'No, never.'"

Well, not never. David caved in two days prior to the announcement, saying his daughters' insistence — and what Zap2it calls "a new confidence in his physical state" — were the reasons he came aboard.

"I'm in pretty good shape right now because I've been working out out with my daughter (Hayley from the ABC Family series Huge)," he explains. "She was training, trying to get in shape for the series, and turned me on to these boot camps she was doing. [Now] my stamina is up, but my knees are still a mess and I'm falling apart. I'm 58."

Still, don't expect people to be rooting for his demise. "The feeling around here is a lot different than I expected," he says. "It's a great, warm, humble group of people that are really nice."

Source: Zap2it

09.1.2010 / 01:32 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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