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Our Ideal Season: Nikita

If you’re like us, your biggest concern when tuning into a new show is that you’ll have to concentrate hard enough to follow a complicated plot or — even worse — several complicated plotlines. Life is confusing enough without Rimbaldi Prophecies and supernatural tropical islands inhabited by castaways. Hopefully, the Nikita writers will understand our need for programming aimed at the easily confused and will keep Nikita fun and simple. We're talkin' fast-paced chase scenes, an angry woman blowing crap up, fabulous outfits, and romance.

Yes, we said romance. All shows need romance. (Even Jack Bauer got romantically involved when he was trying to save the world in 24 hours!) The one small problem with romance in Nikita is that Division killed Nikita’s fiancé — meaning she’ll need *at least* a few episodes to get over that heartbreak. Once the healing process begins, we're hoping former colleague Michael will step in as Nikita's love interest. You know, the Division agent assigned to kill her? A clip from the premiere episode shows that these adversaries share some major chemistry:

Here's hoping Nikita and Michael hook up, and a sexy Mr. and Mrs. Smith-type scenario ensues. (C'mon, that movie was hot!) That said Shane West (the uber-hot actor who plays Michael) should fulfill an unwritten shirtlessness quota by also having a Season 1 fling with a minor character the writers kill off in a purely entertaining manner.

But where does that leave the Division recruits? Mean girl Jaden and Thom could become more than friends as they train to become the agency's newest spies. And let's not forget nerdy-but-hot Birkhoff, the organization's resident IT guy. Perhaps the writers should capitalize on the nation's cougar craze by coupling Birkhoff with super-sizzling Division mentor Amanda. Bottom line: We really want Melinda Clarke’s Amanda to be as much like the OC’s Julie Cooper Nichol as possible: The more affairs Amanda has, the better. Also, a substance abuse problem wouldn’t hurt. It's no secret that romantic entanglements and substance abuse make all TV better.

In terms of Lyndsy Fonesca’s character, Alex, the writers should be careful with the shifty-eyed wannabe spy and not to make her too goody-two-shoes. She already looks like the girl next door, and we'd hate to see Nikita turn into One Tree Hill with explosives. In other words: Flashbacks to her seedy, crime-filled past are a must.

Hopefully, these things and more are already in store for us in the first season. When it comes right down to it, we just want a good ol' fashioned spy show!

What would you like to see in Nikita's first season? Sound off in the comments below!

09.1.2010 / 12:20 AM EDT by Rev. Jen Miller
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