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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nathan Fillion

Who doesn't love a fun fact? Next time you're at a party and someone says, "But I bet you don't know any obscure information about actor Nathan Fillion!" you can throw around of these tidbits, or even all 10 if you truly want this person to feel stupid and regretful. Watch as the room changes, captivated eyes turn towards you, and the only thought anyone can hold is, "She does know an awful lot about that Nathan Fillion."

10. He's from Canada. A lot of people are actually, but not everyone describes it like Fillion does, as "a cultural mosaic."

9. He has quite a following due to the Joss Whedon Internet sensation Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Fillion's character is named Captain Hammer, and he co-stars alongside Neil Patrick Harris. The man has arrived.

8. He used to deliver singing telegrams. Fillion was once sent into a bank dressed as Tarzan and even did the Tarzan yell during the performance. Incredibly, no arrests were made.

7. He did one of the voices on Halo 3. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Fillion described how strange it was hearing his own voice in the game while playing online with friends for hours. It's estimated three million man crushes formed after the interview.

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5. Also in science-fiction category, Fillion had a cat that lived to be 24 years old. Even weirder is that the cat came with a house he purchased. Like it was an armoire.

4. He has his own action figure, which Fillion described as having his profile and David Duchovny’s face. We'll take it.

3. Before settling for television stardom, he originally wanted to be a high school teacher. Take a second to imagine walking into American Lit class during your awkward phase and seeing Nathan Fillion at the chalkboard.

2. He's played a gynecologist twice — once in the film Waitress and once on Desperate Housewives. What this means, we're not sure. It just feels significant.

1. He owns a light saber and a leather kilt, the two building blocks of any sex symbol.
6. He is no stranger to sci-fi conventions. During a 2009 interview on The Bonnie Hunt Show, Fillion said of the fans there: "What a great ego boost. If ever you're feeling not so great about yourself, just sign up for a convention."

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