SPOILERS: Rufus and Lily and Chuck, Oh My!
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Gossip Girl

SPOILERS: Rufus and Lily and Chuck, Oh My!

Spoiler season is fully upon us, guys. Click away now if you don't want to know!

So now that Rufus and Lily have dispensed with her duplicitous ex-husband, it'll be smooth sailing, right? Not quite, says Michael Ausiello.

"A certain rat Bass-tard is going to come between them early in the season," he reveals. "While Lily is more than willing to forgive Chuck for what happened with Jenny, Rufus is having a harder time moving past it. And just when he finally starts to come around, Eric lets him in on a little secret (hint: It pertains to an ugly incident from the pilot). Cue World War III."

Yeah, finding out your wife's ex-stepson once tried to rape your daughter isn't exactly covered in the parenting books.

But there's a romantic bright spot on the horizon for at least one Humphrey: Ausiello says Dan and Vanessa aren't done yet.

"I’m guessing it’s not over, since they move in together in episode 3!" Wait, what?! So will they be shacking up with Dan's baby mama and Sparks-spawn? Not exactly a recipe for domestic bliss...

Source: EW.com