Alexis Castle Gets a Boyfriend!
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Alexis Castle Gets a Boyfriend!

Somewhere Castle is cringing — because Daddy's little girl isn't just going to the prom this season. According to Zap2It, Alexis Castle (Molly Quinn) is going to land herself a boyfriend. But who will prove smart enough to interest the always-poised Alexis and witty enough to win a verbal sparring match with Castle? Ken Baumann, star of Secret Life of the American Teenager, will try to be that guy — he'll take on the role of Ashley, Alexis's first boy-toy.

Castle won't be Baumann's only worry, however: Castle creator Andrew Marlowe is extremely protective of Molly Quinn, so he doesn't like to see her character dating anyone for too long. "What's so funny is that with Andrew Marlowe, I'm like his little girl," Molly said. "So whenever he tries to give me a boyfriend, he'll come to the set, take one look at them, and the next thing I know they're written off. I don't know how long any of them will ever last. [Alexis] will probably become a nun."

If Baumann doesn't last, we've got some additional boyfriend casting ideas. ABC, take note.

Paul Wesley: Also a young-looking twentysomething, Paul (of Vampire Diaries fame) would be a perfect "old soul" complement to the adult-like Alexis.

Zac Efron: Basically, any excuse to see him... and his abs.

Matt Barr: The sarcastic Hellcats hottie is, well, hot. He and Alexis would make a super-cute couple.

Connor Paolo: Actually age-appropriate and familiar with the lifestyles of New York's elite, Connor wouldn't have trouble adapting to the Castle family's higher-end ways.

Mark Salling: Maybe Alexis has a thing for bad boys? If so, this Glee stud would rock her world.

Michael Cera or Jesse Eisenberg: If Alexis is into adorably awkward dorks, either of these two gangly brainiacs would light her fire!

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Source: Zap2It

09.5.2010 / 01:48 AM EDT by Laura Case
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