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Dancing With The Stars

Bristol Palin Never Danced at School Dances and Isn’t Heartbroken Over Levi

Kate Gosselin v.2, Bristol Palin, was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday night and since you were probably out having your last mojito of the summer, why don't you let us fill you in on her appearance.

"I was sitting at work -- I work at a dermatologist's office in Anchorage -- I was sitting at my desk, got a text message and they were like, 'Do you want to join Dancing with the Stars?' And I was like, 'Yeah.'" And yes, apparently it was just that simple -- Bristol is one independent lady!

"I'm having fun with it," said Bristol about her experience on Dancing with the Stars thus far. Though she does admit she never danced at school dances and missed her prom because she was pregnant, otherwise she's ready for the competition!

As for ex-boyfriend and tabloid icon Levi Johnston, Bristol seems unmoved. "I'm not disappointed, I'm not heartbroken. I tried to make it work for my son, it didn't work and I realize that we're not meant to be. I'm just focused on being a good mom. [...] The guy I fell in love with was a hard-working Alaskan man that didn't want to wear straight-legged jeans and boots and be chased by [gossip site]'s sad to watch."

Source: Huffington Post

09.5.2010 / 11:34 PM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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