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Pretty Little Liars

Brant Daugherty Thinks “A” Is in All of Us

When it comes to speculation about who “A” is, Pretty Little Liars’ Brant Daugherty (Noel) has a pretty interesting take on it. But even listening to him talk about it is leaving us a tad bit confused. Brant doesn’t think “A” is an actual person, but is instead a metaphor. Um, OK. But how are they going to show that in season 2? Sounds to us like Brant thinks we’ll never discover who “A” is. Sigh.

“I think ‘A’ is really what’s in all of us," Brant tells Zap2it. "It’s a metaphor for how we all feel sometimes.” See what we mean? Luckily, Brant realizes this is a kind of crazy theory and admits, “That’s a terrible answer … All I can do is speculate … but the information they gave us in the finale with Ian and Allison and what we know of Ian’s relationship with Spencer allows for some interesting conclusions to be drawn.”

We think what Brant is trying to say is that he has absolutely no idea who “A” will turn out to be and he’ll be just as surprised as we are when “A” is finally revealed. But could Brant actually be right that “A” is just a metaphor for how we feel? It’s safe to say we’d all be pretty disappointed if that were the case.

Source: Zap2it

09.7.2010 / 12:36 AM EDT by Susan Anderson
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