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Pretty Little Liars

Lucy Hale Is Crushing on Robert Downey Jr.

Lucy Hale can relate to her Pretty Little Liars character, Aria, in more than one way. We already knew both had killer taste in fashion, but with similarities in everything from family life to older men, it almost sounds like Lucy was born to play Aria Montgomery.

Lucy has played many roles in the past, but out of all of them, Aria is the character she can most relate to, she tells Savvy magazine. Why? “We’re both very stubborn,” Lucy says. “Once [Aria] sets her mind to something, nothing is going to stop her — and I feel like that’s me. She’s also a people-pleaser and she’s trying to keep her family happy and together.” Lucy’s parents also divorced when she was young. So, while she probably didn’t have to go through the parent cheating scandal that Aria does, she knows what it’s like to face family changes.

Another way she can relate to Aria? Lucy Hale has an older man crush, too. But instead of a teacher fetish, Lucy’s got her eye on Robert Downey Jr.: “I love Robert Downey Jr. so much! He’s like my ultimate!” We don’t think he has quite the boyish charm of Ezra Fritz, but we totally get her attraction. And since she doesn’t have to lurk in the halls after school hours to see him, we don’t think the scandal level would be quite so high. Then again, Robert is 24 years older than Lucy...

Aside from her crushes needing to be a few years older than she is, she’s also looking for someone who can make her laugh and won’t bore her. “He has to be a gentleman too — open the doors and bring me flowers. I love that!” Lucy confesses. Perhaps you have a polite older brother to set Lucy up with? If Lucy Hale became your sister-in-law, maybe she’d let you raid her closet...

Source: Savvy magazine


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