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The Bachelorette

Gia is Still Crushing on Wes

We all know that Gia Allemand and her NHL boyfriend split, but that all seems like a distant memory for Miss Gia: She’s still got her sights set on Wes!

Gia recently sat down with People and gushed that Wes is “such a good, decent man.” The fact that Wes fought so hard to keep her around made his stock rise even higher in her book: “I thought, ‘Wow, he’s even better than I thought!’”

The two haven’t seen each other since her departure from the Pad, but they did reconnect on Facebook recently. Gia is still interested to see where things go, but admits that they haven’t sat down and had a serious conversation about their relationship. She also cleared the air about her breakup, and insisted that “[My Ex] lives in Canada, I live [in New York]. We’re both just really busy so to be in a committed relationship wasn’t fair for either one of us.”

We’re anxiously awaiting Wes and Gia’s reunion on the Bachelor Pad finale this coming Monday. Will love come easy for our modern-day Shakespeare, or will Gia finally emerge from her haze to see Wes’s true colors? Only time will tell.

Source: People