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Grey's Anatomy

Spoiler: Chyler Leigh Says Lexie Will Have a Breakdown

Compulsively rational, by-the-book, and slightly spastic Lexipedia will have a total meltdown in the first episode of Grey’s season 7. Lexie “ends up having a complete breakdown and having to go into the psych ward,” Chyler Leigh tells HollywoodLife. Not surprising, considering she spent the season 6 finale watching her boytoy, Alex bleed to death on a conference room table. If you remember, it was quite the traumatic experience for her since she spent hours trying to keep her current BF alive with her ex-BF, McSteamy in the room. It’s only natural to need therapy after choosing Alex over McSteamy in his time of need and then having to handle not only the pressure of keeping Alex alive, but also hearing him call out Izzie’s name on his deathbed... and not being able to do a thing about it.

So how will Lexie deal? In season 7 we see her “trying to rationalize what happened. A lot of it is guilt-driven because she feels incredibly guilty for what happens,” Chyler says. Thankfully, Shonda Rhimes spares us the drawn-out love-triangle shenanigans this time around. “There’s not much of a love triangle this season,” says Chyler. “It’s a question of who is going to be there when she has this breakdown. ...That gets shown right away in the first episode!” Considering Shonda’s been quoted saying that Izzie’s part of the Grey’s family, and she can’t imagine her never coming back, we’re inclined to think Little Grey will probably fall back into McSteamy’s arms in order to let the Alex/Izzie drama play out. (We can hope Izzie returns, right?) Plus, come on, nerdy-sexy Lexie and stonefox ladies’ man Sloan just complement each other so perfectly.

Source: Hollywood Life

09.10.2010 / 12:36 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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