TV Squad Interview: Is Ian Somerhalder on Team Elena or Team Katherine?
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The Vampire Diaries

TV Squad Interview: Is Ian Somerhalder on Team Elena or Team Katherine?

Maggie Furlong from AOL’s TV Squad recently sat down with Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) and got the scoop on bromance and regular old romance in Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries. He talks more about Damon’s vulnerability and even broaches the subject of which team he’s on: Team Katherine or Team Elena. Here’s hoping it’s Team Elena — we know he’s evil, we just hope he’s not that evil.

It was quite a finale for Damon last season ... we've never seen him like that!
[Laughs] Yeah, he is being humbled. It's interesting, the ups and downs, art imitating life, which is kind of fun to watch, but there are a couple dynamics that are going to start to change. At the beginning of Season 1, Damon's sort of this almighty, powerful, sadistic, kind of funny individual ... and then he just gets leveled. [Laughs] Over and over and over again.

Well on one hand it was nice to see Damon vulnerable, because it proved he still has a hint of humanity, but on the other hand, he can't stay like that for long, can he?
No, I hope not. You know, Season 2, you start to understand that there are certain elements that've come to town that sort of force Damon to shift his focus quite a bit and actually ask himself what's important to him. I think throughout this first year, he's forged these relationships. He initially came to town ... like Damon said in the finale, "I came here wanting to destroy it, now I find myself wanting to protect it. How the hell has that happened?" And I think that it has happened. Any time you forge relationships with people and you have a vested interest in their safety and well-being, you essentially raise the stakes. You pretty much do anything to protect that. I think he's found himself, for the first time in 150 years, actually caring about something.

TV Squad Interview: Is Ian Somerhalder on Team Elena or Team Katherine?
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But Damon and Stefan will still be bickering, right?
The end all be all is he loves his brother, and his brother loves him. No matter how many times they've literally had the opportunity to kill one another, they're still walking around. There are obviously major differences, but I think Damon and Stefan are gonna have to set those aside and actually focus on what's the give and the take of letting that age-old vendetta go away. They actually have to focus and protect what they love, which is gonna be interesting, by virtue of the fact that Katherine is back.

Oh Katherine ... is it bad that I just love to hate her?
Katherine is just one of those individuals you don't want to f*** with ... excuse my language, that you don't want to mess with. I thought Damon was badass and just wrong in so many ways. Katherine is a sadistic, selfish bitch, and she is gonna play them like a fiddle. And she crushes Damon ... she does, she crushes him ... over and over and over again. [Laughs] Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. At this point, it's like 10 — shame on me! [Laughs] Shame on Damon! He feels like such an idiot. And when we feel that stupid, what do we do? We lash out like a petulant child, you know?
TV Squad Interview: Is Ian Somerhalder on Team Elena or Team Katherine?
Credit: Art Streiber/The CW ©2010 The CW Network    

Now you have to pick, stake to your heart — do you think Damon is Team Katherine or Team Elena?
Well, Katherine is really just a figment of his imagination, and now sort of a tangible metaphor for his naiveté. It's kind of a strange dichotomy because there's a certain naiveté that comes with youth, and when you're in love it's amplified exponentially. To carry that around as you grow older — for 150 years — about a woman who you soon find doesn't care about you at all. And then, for some reason, you meet her doppleganger, who is this sweet, innocent, strong young woman. I will be so bold to say that Damon's not Team Katherine. It would help Damon if Katherine was gone or dead.

So then Team Elena it is!

What's been the scene in Season 2 that you think fans will flip over? Something particularly fun maybe?
There's a pretty racy scene with Elena and Damon. I wouldn't necessarily call it fun ... there hasn't been a lot of fun scenes to be honest with you. This isn't a very fun time for Damon. But in the face of adversity and chaos, Damon still has a really good time. But [the scene with Elena] is steamy and it's been waited for ... you get a really big, huge glimpse into Damon's vulnerability and what the power of attraction can do. That's all I'll say.

Any new vampire powers this season?
Just more powerful powers. Katherine is a lot stronger than Damon. New powers may be coming this season ... Damon could use some new powers, babe!

Oooh, we’re all atwitter with excitement! Read the rest of the interview at AOL’s

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