Who’s Doing Who in Mystic Falls
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The Vampire Diaries

Who’s Doing Who in Mystic Falls

Alright people, we’re counting down to The Vampire Diaries go time — a.k.a. the second season premiere. You’ll be pleased to know that when the show kicks off tonight (8 PM ET on the CW), love will still be alive and well in Mystic Falls.

Of the four couples who were kicking it at the beginning of the season finale, three remain, while a fourth —Jeremy and Anna — is history. (Or so we think.) So where did we leave off with our TVD relationships? Here’s a hook-up cheat sheet. And, before you ask: No, we’re not counting Damon and Katherine or Damon and Elena or Damon and anybody as a couple because, love him as much as we do, the eldest Salvatore is no one’s true boo. At least not yet. (Let Season 2 begin!)

Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore

Who’s Doing Who in Mystic Falls
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Yes, TVD’s top twosome is still together. For now. Elena’s vamp double Katherine Pierce has a little somethin’ somethin’ in store for them. Not that Stefan wasn’t already starting to get nervous. After all, his hound dog big bro Damon has been sniffing around Miss Gilbert for a while. (D smooched Katherine in the finale, thinking she was Elena.)

Their hook-up history: Unofficially, Elena and Stefan first met early last year when he pulled her out of the river, saving her from the car crash that killed her parents. (She didn’t remember that meet-and-greet until later.) Their first official meeting was months later on the first day of school. They’ve sealed the deal at least once (that we know of). Elena has saved her bloodsucking boo’s life twice, while he’s rescued her many times.

Couples therapy issues: Stefan adores Elena and has apparently been stalking her for a long time. He’s going to need to learn to give her a little space. Elena loves Stefan but she hasn’t trusted him 100 percent since she discovered that she looks jut like the vampire who sired him. Nowadays they’re at about 85- to 90-percent trust level. She’ll need to lighten up and he’ll have to step up to earn that other 15 percent.

Caroline Forbes and Matt Donovan

Who’s Doing Who in Mystic Falls

When the show returns Caroline should still be recovering from the injuries she suffered during Tyler Lockwood’s car crash. But TVD’s newest couple will still be in tact. And how much do we want this relationship to work? Thiiiiiissss much! They may be opposites — she’s a bit of a rich chic and he’s a table-clearing townie — but these two have shared the same rough year. (So what if Caroline doesn’t remember it all?) After Damon used and abused her, brainwashing her for months, Caroline needs a normal guy. And Matt needs someone to love him as much as he loved Elena.

Their hook-up history: Caroline and Matt have known each other since they were nose-pickin’ toddlers. Though they didn’t see each other in that way until the time Caroline got drunk at the Mystic Grill and Matt took her home. Far as we know, they haven’t done the deed. Though, technically they have literally slept together. (But only sleep.) And then there was that kiss at the Flashback dance. Aww…

Couples therapy issues: Caroline worries that her man still has feelings for his ex. And he does. Matt’s got a lot of girlfriend-doting work to do to ease Caroline’s fears about Elena and prove her (and us!) wrong. Camping out by her hospital bed was a good start.

Jenna Sommers and Alaric Saltzman

Who’s Doing Who in Mystic Falls

Though Jeremy’s aunt and his history teacher aren’t officially paired, they’re in the Couplesville neighborhood. Remember how they carried on at the Flashback Dance? We like them together because we like Jenna having an adult life. Plus, heartbroken Alaric is hot and we love watching him take a gut punch and recover in a snap thanks to his special ring.

Their hook-up history: Alaric moved to Mystic Falls to search for his late wife Isobel (who’s now a vampire, thanks to Damon). But it was Jeremy who introduced the two one night at Mystic Grill.

Couples therapy issues: Alaric has yet to entirely let go of his ex. Jenna doesn’t know about his vampire and ghoul-slaying activities. In fact, she doesn’t know that vamps even exist. She’s got a huge learning curve to clear for this relationship to work.